Tuesday, January 31, 2012

End of 4th Quarter

For the 3 people who still read our blog....this one's for you! :)
( ignore the dates on the pictures...i don't know why they are wrong)

Addi's First day of Preschool

Carving Pumpkins after eating a yummy dinner of Pumpkin waffles (thanks Andi).

The only way to carve pumpkins...in your underwear...
(Thank goodness the pumpkins are covering up mine)

Our Little Mermaid


First snow day of the year, the girls couldn't wait to go out and play.

Happy 2nd Birthday Camdyn!

We have little Toy Story toys on the cake -- it is Camdyn's favorite movie.

Merry Christmas!

Grandma and Grandpa Hoxsie with all the Grandkids!

Christmas Morning


The Pollard Family said...

Wahoo! An update:) I love how animated Addi is in all her pictures. What cute girls!

Super Daysh said...

It is a miracle! You updated your blog! ;) Your girls are absolutely beautiful! That little Addi- I can't believe how blonde she is...oh wait, her daddy is blonde. She is so cute! And Camdyn- sweetest little face! You must be one proud momma!

Sarah and Trent said...

I'm so glad you commented on our blog, so I could see yours! Those girls are adorable!! Next time I want full-body view of the pumpkin carving.

ohmylanta said...

Hi Tina.
I swear I have strolled upon your blog in the past - you have a beautiful family. I will have to remember your link on Janica's blog! Or, stop being lazy and add your address to my blog. Yes yes. that is a good plan! :)