Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jan. & Feb. 2010

Here is just a little update of what has been going on in the exciting lives of the Hoxsie family. For the first couple of Weeks in Feb. Robert did the "14 days of valentines" for me. And let me just say he went way beyond the call of duty and did the sweetest things for me. Here are a few of the things that he did: A surprise FHE which included the Bountiful Temple, Nelson's Frozen Custard, and Arctic Circle. ( Addi LOVED this surprise) He sent me Flowers. Took me to Logan to do a session in the temple and then out to lunch. A movie night, complete with treats. And much much more. I have such an amazing husband!! I am a lucky girl!!

Robert had a job interview in Chadron, NE and so Camdyn and I decided to go with him. This place was in the middle of nowhere. I wish i had more pictures to show you of our trip, but this was the only thing worth taking a picture of..( we took more pictures of us on the airplane). We kinda knew we weren't going to move there when we found out the whole town pretty much shuts down at 7:30 at night. Everyone there was so nice to us, but needless to say, Robert turned down the job.

Just to show you how small this place was, this is the airport we flew into.

Camdyn Update:

Camdyn at 2 months and starting to smile.

At 3 months she has her smiles down and is just the happiest baby!
I can't get enough of her!!!

My little butter ball at 3 months.

Addi Update:

Addi is going to be 3 next month and she is an emotional roller coaster!! One minute she is just the funnest girl to be around and makes you laugh. And the next she is crying because you forgot to put "the red stuff" (jam) on her toast. But I can't complain because over the past couple of months she has pretty much potty trained herself! :) And let me tell you that puts a big smile on our faces!!
This is how she likes to watch movies, with all her "friends" as she calls them.

Addi and Cade built a snowman and of course named him Frosty. They kept waiting for him to come alive and say "Happy Birthday". It was pretty traumatic for them when they woke up from their naps that same day to find frosty had melted and all that was left was a pile of rocks, a hat and scarf. It was all they could talk about for the next couple of days.

Addi's new favorite game to play is hide-n-seek with her dad. When is is her time to hide she usually runs into our room and throws herself on the middle of the floor face down, covering her eyes. I love how little kids think, if i can't see you then you can't see me. So i was helping her hide, and we found this great spot in the dryer. Robert would have never found her, but as soon as he walked past the dryer Addi yelled "Dad I'm over here."

The other night Addi was in the bathroom, and had been in there for a few minutes when Robert went in to check on her to find this:

She had gotten into my makeup. The best part was she was so excited to show me what she had done that she ran into the family room and said "Look I'm a mom like you!" I mean how can you be mad after that.