Saturday, October 15, 2011

End of Quarter 3 Part 1

Long time, no write. Quarter 3 just ended and I thought I'd share some Quarter 3 fun times with ya'll.

July 4th Parade - Kaysville (as soon as the Banz's move - we're only doing Farmington's Parade)


Harbetson Reunion at Vicki and Rob's Cabin

Princess 4-wheeling

THB company party at Boondock's (Tina still meets all Ht. and Wt. restrictions)

I had to fudge Camdyn's age to get her on the cars.

Michelle Wie?

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The Pollard Family said...

What is this? You're blogging again? Hurray! I'm so happy:) Cute picutes. I need a copy of that parade picture. That was exactly one day before I had Sade and you can see my big belly.