Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter and Crafts and Baby...oh my!

Well i think we have found Addi's favorite holiday!! EASTER! Her favorite thing in the world is to put little toys in baskets...so when she got to spend a whole weekend putting little eggs into her basket, she went crazy with excitement!

This is Addi's cute new Easter dress!!

Now that I am no longer working at THB I have a lot of free time. So i started making little crafts to pass the time. I made the lamp and pillows for Addi's room, she is going to be moving into a big girl bed soon, so i wanted to make something to go on top of it. And the little dress is something that me and Cami are making and selling, we call them "Sunnies". We are having a blast with them.

And finally we are adding one more to our little family! :) I am due around the end of November, and am so dang excited! I can't wait for Addi to have a little sibling. I am been so sick, and Robert and Addi have been so good to take care of me. Here is a picture of them making me some dinner. I love them so much! And the last picture is just so cute of Addi, i have to include it.